What about me ?! Lately, I’m very busy with the leafs; I don’t know if you saw but I found some new decorating ideas. This year I like red. I’ll put them all in red. I know that it seems similar to the last year Halloween party, but I assure you it is not. It is the reddest year. ¬†I am not sure what to do with the pumpkins. I could use them as guests like we usually do, I know. But I was thinking that this year maybe we could change some things. You, me and the Halloween. Of course, if you wish to be here. I’d love travel like you do; all around the Earth, with all my drops around me. You must see so many things. And you don’t even send a card.

I know people don’t send cards anymore but we’re not like people. Plus, it is fun to be vintage ! I dream of Sahara’s sands and African sun, peacefully seated on the world. I dream of polar bears and theirs cubs playing on the ice! I dream of the Eiffel Tower and the baguette with brie for breakfast! I dream with my eyes opened the moon above the Coliseum, the silent happiness in a Buddhist temple at the Fuji’s foot or the trains crowded with travelers on the Indian rails… And all the ancient rocks of Rhodes ! Or the darkest¬†forests of the Carpathian’s ! Oh and the waters! the waves on the Haitians Islands, the Brazilian samba, the Mexican poncho ? I feel kind of stuck in here with my pumpkins. But what do you care ?

I know dear. Pumpkins are also important. I know. I can’t let them here all by their selfs. Imagine they understand how important they are… Like people. They would ruin everything, I’m sure… You see why I need your friendship.


So please, send a card when you get there . Words don’t matter; just put some of that air and one of your drops and I’ll be travelling with you. Ans so my pumpkins.